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Duane Morris LLP Publishes Its Consumer Fraud Class Action Review - 2023

May 10, 2023

Duane Morris LLP Publishes Its Consumer Fraud Class Action Review - 2023

May 10, 2023

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CHICAGO, May 10, 2023—Consumer fraud class action litigation remains a high-value arena for class action litigators in the plaintiffs’ bar, as the cost to enter the game is very little for individual putative class members, while their potential upside is high. Meanwhile, the cost to corporate defendants is high at the outset, which may force companies’ hands at settlement. In 2022, the top 10 consumer fraud settlements totaled $8.596 billion. As the plaintiffs’ class action bar continues to push the legal envelope with new variations of consumer fraud putative classes,

Duane Morris LLP has released its Consumer Fraud Class Action Review – 2023, the inaugural edition of this annual publication aimed at helping clients best defend against these risks. It analyzes the key consumer fraud rulings, settlements and litigation developments in 2022 and the significant trends that are apt to impact these types of representative actions in 2023.

Written by Duane Morris partners Gerald L. Maatman, Jr., Jennifer A. Riley and Sharon L. Caffrey, the Duane Morris Consumer Fraud Class Action Review – 2023 reflects their robust and comprehensive experience defending consumer fraud class actions across the country.

“Class action litigation in the consumer fraud area has exponentially increased over the past several years, leaving corporations extremely vulnerable,” said Maatman. “Additionally, most consumer fraud class actions come with the possibility of excessive payouts for corporations.”

“The purpose of the Duane Morris Consumer Fraud Class Action Review – 2023 is multifaceted,” said Caffrey. “We hope it will demystify some of the complexities of consumer fraud class action litigation and keep corporate counsel updated on the ever-evolving nuances of Rule 23 issues in this area.”

“We hope this book will provide our clients with an analysis of trends and significant rulings that enable them to make informed decisions in dealing with complex litigation risks,” said Riley.

Manifesting the collective knowledge of the Duane Morris Class Action Defense Group and more than 125 years’ combined class action experience of its editors, the Duane Morris Consumer Fraud Class Action Review – 2023 is designed to assist clients by identifying developing trends in the case law and offering practical approaches in dealing with class and collective action litigation.

Download the Consumer Fraud Class Action Review e-book. The e-book is fully searchable and viewable from any device.

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