The COVID-19 pandemic will likely spawn an outbreak of litigation, as the disease impacts and disrupts nearly every aspect of the economy. New disputes will emerge from a wide spectrum of areas, including products liability, mass and toxic torts, insurance coverage, employment, white-collar, securities law, intellectual property, commercial contracts and class actions. Duane Morris Trial attorneys have the industry-specific litigation experience needed to help clients pursuing or facing litigation in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Our mass tort/health effects litigation team has decades of trial experience in nearly every state in the U.S. We have defended literally thousands of lawsuits involving claims of exposure to chemicals, hazardous gases and other substances. Our lawyers have tried many major products liability, chemical and toxic exposure as well as medical negligence cases. We are experienced in translating complex medical and scientific concepts, with the assistance of top experts in their fields, to jurors. Our industry experience is equally broad and includes pharmaceuticals and healthcare, food and consumer products, among many others. Our attorneys are currently actively monitoring the federal, state and local reactions to the COVID-19 crisis and engaging with government officials to determine the legal implications to our clients. We are exceptionally well-suited to large-scale litigation and national coordinating counsel positions having taken the lead in these roles in the past.

Sophisticated consumers of legal services require certain qualities of their litigators. They look for depth, specific experience, geographic representation and a well-defined approach to complex matters.

Duane Morris' trial lawyers have the level of industry-specific litigation experience necessary to successfully manage large-case litigation for clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 100 companies.

What Sets Us Apart

Our clients tell us that our strength is in our know-how. Our process is to listen with an experienced ear, understand a client's business needs and objectives, and then fully evaluate appropriate strategies and combination of tactics. We employ an interdisciplinary approach – drawing on the appropriate practice group and industry-specific professionals.

We take our role as counselors seriously. This commitment distinguishes our litigation practice, which features:

Industry Experience and Teams

From electric utilities to chemical, from hospitality to telecommunications, Duane Morris lawyers represent clients in many industries in state and federal trial and appellate courts in the United States and in courts throughout the United Kingdom and European Union. Our collective capabilities are both deep and wide. We assemble teams of lawyers with particularized technical practice backgrounds, as well as individual industry experience.

Extensive Courtroom and ADR Experience

We call ourselves the "trial department" because we actually try cases to verdict. Whenever possible, however, we make use of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as arbitration and mediation to pursue the client's goals.

We advise clients on how to proceed and how judges have handled similar issues previously. We utilize a structured witness preparation program to educate witnesses on giving testimony. We are able to discuss an opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Our industry familiarity allows us to give on-point advice for industry-specific needs.

Geographic Coverage

Our numerous offices allow us to staff each case with local talent who have had experience with the courts, the regulatory authorities and other lawyers in the jurisdiction. Each lawyer's longstanding presence in the local legal community is supported by the firm's lawyers in our offices across the United States and Asia and in London.

In London, we try cases, appeals and appearances in specialist divisions of the Construction & Technology and the Commercial Courts. Our London lawyers frequently are retained to monitor activities of regional law firms in the U.K. and elsewhere in the European Union.

Effective Resource Management

We are familiar with an industry's issues and can mobilize human and technological resources immediately. For example, we know how to process and analyze thousands of documents; our computer capabilities are regularly employed by Fortune 100 companies; and we have been a leader in alternative fee structures, including contingent fee and success premiums.

With the firm's advanced Information Services Department, we assist clients by structuring and managing evidence databases, calling upon cutting-edge software for case analysis and risk assessment, and preparing and using multimedia trial presentations, Extranets and other advanced litigation support tools.

Contingency Fee Practice

Our active contingency fee practice is unique among large law firms. We regularly represent clients otherwise unable to pursue large-case litigation.

Here are some of the specific industry areas we serve and litigation practices we maintain:

For more information, please contact Wayne A. Mack, Sharon L. Caffrey or any of the practice members referenced in the Attorney Listing.



有经验的法律服务的消费者都会要求他们的诉讼律师有几方面素质:有深度且特有的经验, 植根当地,以及有系统手段处理复杂事物的能力。

德茂 (Duane Morris) 的审判律师所拥有的各个行业的诉讼经验,能够成功处理从个人到财富 100 强企 业的大宗诉讼。


我们的客户告诉我们,我们的专业技能是我们的强项所在。我们的 流程是:倾听客户,理解客户的商业需求及目标,全面评估合适的 策略及战术组合。通过抽调合适的执业组和精于各行的专家,采取 跨领域的措施。

“我们高度重视我们的法律顾问的身份。”我们信守这个承诺,这 使我们的诉讼执业组有别于其他公司。


从电力到化学、从酒店管理到电信,德茂 (Duane Morris) 的律师们代表着各行各业的客户出现在美国、英国,欧盟 和亚洲的法庭中。我们的综合能力首屈一指。我们组建的律师团 队拥有专业的技术执业背景及经验。


我们称自己为“审判部门”,因为我们实际参 与案件的审理和裁决。但是,只要有可能,我们也会采取替代性纠纷解决机制——例如仲 裁和调解——以达到客户的目标。

我们给出客户如何进行及法官此前如何处理类似案件方面的建议。利用结构化的证人预备 计划教导证人如何给出证词。我们能够讨论对手的强项与弱点。我们对于行业的熟知能够 允许我们在行业专属的需求方面给出关键建议。


我们众多的办公室允许我们为每一个案件都安排当地的律师,他们有着与当地 的司法体系内的法庭、监管机构和其他律师打交道的丰富经验。每个律师在当地法律体系 中长期的形象背后都有着我们全所位于美国和全球办公室的鼎力支持。

在伦敦,我们审理案件、上诉、出席建筑和科技及商业法庭的特别部门。我们位于伦敦的 律师经常被要求参与监督位于英国和欧盟其他地区的地区法律公司的活动。


我们熟悉一个行业的问题所在,因此能迅速调集人力和科技资源。例如, 我么你知道如何处理和分析数以千计的文档;我们所采用的计算机系统同时为众多财富 100 强公司所部署的;我们在替代收费结构方面(包括风险代理和胜诉酬金)是行业的领 导者。

依靠我们公司先进的信息服务部,我们能够协助客户构建和管理证物信息库、使用前沿软 件进行案件分析和风险评估、准备和使用多媒体审判陈词,外联网和其他高级的诉讼辅助 软件。


我们活跃的风险代理执业是众多大型律所里所独有的。我们经常代理客户 发起其他律所不予考虑的大型诉讼。


  • 反垄断和不当竞争
  • 上诉
  • 仲裁、替代性纠纷解决机制和调解
  • 航空法
  • 集体诉讼 
  • 商业诉讼 
  • 建筑
  • 企业诉讼
  • 劳工诉讼
  • 环境诉讼
  • 金融机构诉讼
  • 特许经销权诉讼
  • 医疗保健诉讼
  • 酒店业诉讼
  • 保险承保范围诉讼
  • 保险诉讼
  • 知识产权诉讼
  • 国际仲裁
  • 遗嘱认证诉讼
  • 产品责任诉讼
  • 职业责任诉讼
  • 风险管理
  • 证券诉讼
  • 保证及忠诚诉讼
  • 经济犯罪诉讼


  • 代理第一资本银行及其前任利益关系人、荷兰商业银行、FSB,在加利佛尼亚上诉庭获得 上诉驳回,维持原判。此纠纷涉及房贷法和消费者保护法。此上诉的驳回同时宣告在 Sonoma 郡高级法院二审时针对荷兰商业银行的有利判决得到了维持。
  • 在 St. Paul 火灾及海上保险有限公司和 Abhe & Svoboda 的案件中 12-cv-01482 (D. Minn. April 29, 2014) - 取得美国明尼苏达地区法院的法庭令,使得 St. Paul 火灾及海上保险有限公司得以 撤销《船体保护及赔偿》相关的保险责任。 
  • 代理富国银行和 Berkadia 商业抵押公司在 Contra Costa 郡高等法院参与一宗价值数百万美元 的诉讼。此诉讼由富国银行成功取消位于加州匹兹堡的一栋复式公寓的抵押品赎回权所引 发,此后涉及报复性驱逐和居住权申诉的索赔。案件最终以有利于我方客户的不涉及任何 财务支出的方式和解告终。
  • 代理美国合众银行和美国国家银行协会,在北加州地区法庭获得一起涉及个人信息重度曝 光、失职和违反商业法规的案件的无条件撤销。 
  • 代理 NEC 公司及其四家日本和美国的分支机构在北加州地区法庭获得跨地区反垄断诉讼 的和解。此案中 NEC 被诉阴谋操纵全球液晶显示屏的价格及其成品市场。 
  • 代理 TD 银行作为被告在美国第四上诉巡回庭获得上诉胜利。此上诉胜利也宣告了维持此 前马里兰州地区法院的原判。此案中原告声称作为被告的 22 家金融机构及管理人员在房 贷抵押赎回权和贷款扣押的过程中存在欺诈行为。地区法院以原告的声称完全缺乏事实依 据为由驳回了原告的主张,并且拒绝重开此案的动议。
  • 代理戴尔金融服务有限公司(戴尔公司的全资控股子公司),获得涉及《电话消费者保护 法》(TCPA)的价值数百万美元的索赔主张的无条件驳回。 
  • 代理大美国保险公司和大美国保险纽约公司获得即决判决令,判令该保险公司没有责任为 其被保险人提供就污染理赔方面的抗辩或补偿 。此诉讼在圣弗朗西斯科的联邦地区法庭 提起。 
  • 代理摩根大通银行在特拉华州最高法院就以下问题获得上诉胜利:特拉华州第 41 条规定 的两次撤销规定,撤销案件的动议被转为即决判令的时机,及对于在被告未能按照法律规 定提交案件价值宣誓书时法院对于驳回被告的答辩的自由裁量权。 
  • 7-Eleven, Inc. v. Upadhyaya, ___ F.Supp.2d ___, 2013 WL 765661 (E.D. Pa. 2013) – 在法官审后取得 永久禁令要求加盟商交出七十一便利店。此案中加盟商存在通过瞒报销售额,有组织的榨 取授权方的行为。
  • 代理宾州财政部赢得财产所有人发起的集体诉讼。此案中财产所有人要求费城郡警办公室 归还在财物拍卖中获得的 5400 万美元的超额收入。 
  • Smith v. Ford Motor Co., et al., 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 7861 (D. Utah Jan. 18, 2013)案件中成功代理 厂商在犹他州地区联邦法院获得判决,驳回原告根据.Daubert 要求法院判令“每一次呼吸”都 是造成原告伤害原因的主张。 
  • 代理费城房屋署(PHA)在一起长达 15 年的家用暖气补贴的集体诉讼中获得非常有利于客户 的和解协议。此案中原告原本寻求数千万美元的赔偿。 
  • 代理哈特福德保险公司及其被保险人 Jorda 企业公司(一家采暖、通风和空调承包商)就 位于佛罗里达州迈阿密市一家高档公寓楼里的管道爆炸案根据衡平法下的代位求偿权提起 4 的索赔超过 300 万美金的诉讼进行抗辩,并成功为客户取得即决判决。该爆炸与 2015 年 Katrina 飓风同时发生,法院判决 Jorda 企业公司胜诉,同时认定:公寓协会未能有效的放 弃自己的诉讼权,因此原告无权代位求偿,公寓协会在导致代位求偿权产生的付款之前, 已在之前相关的建筑诉讼里放弃了自己对于 Jorda 的诉讼权利,以及该代位求偿权已经被 一事不再理原则所禁止。QBE Insurance Corporation v. Jorda Enterprises, Inc., No. 10-21107 CIVGOLD (S.D. Fla. 2012). 
  • 为宾州总检察长诉烟草行业提供联席咨询。此案以赔偿宾州创纪录的 112 亿美元告终。 
  • 代理本田经销商诉美国本田摩托有限公司及其日本母公司和其他被告违反《反受勒索影响 和腐败组织法》和《反垄断法》。 
  • 在一起具有里程碑意义的判决中,成功代理被告 ElcomSoft(一家俄罗斯软件公司)获得胜 诉。此案中客户面临至多 5 起的违反数字千禧年版权法(DMCA)的犯罪侵权指控,面临高达 250 万美元的罚款。DMCA 禁止软件工具绕开数码版权著作的加密。此案是 DMCA 下的首起 刑事审判。 
  • 在美国运通诉维萨、万事达和多家银行在利用网络发行信用卡、大规模垄断的案件中,为 华盛顿互惠银行提供法律咨询。最终解决方案另客户满意。


欲获取更多信息,请致电 联系 Wayne A. MackSharon L. Caffrey 或联系 名下的 任何律师。